Olive Oil and Egg Yolk For Thinning and Loss Of Hair

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> 2 Egg yolks
> 4 Tablespoons 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Get it here)


1. To make this homemade hair mask, in a small bowl, whip up the olive oil and 2 egg yolks using a fork or a whisk till you reach an even consistency. Rub on your scalp using your fingers. Massaging the scalp will further promote blood circulation which also aids the promotion of the health of your scalp which will help you retain more hair!

2. Leave the mixture in your hair for at least 30 minutes. Make sure to keep the homemade hair mask away from your eyes. You can wrap saran wrap around your hair loosely to prevent it from dripping. After 30 minutes, rinse the hair treatment using warm water and a mild shampoo.

3. Let your hair air dry after the hair mask primary treatment. It's a matter of a few weeks to yield results for thinning hair, but you will begin to notice your dry hair turn into shinier and more resilient hair. You can apply this homemade hair loss treatment mask once every week in the beginning and then once every two weeks. Bear in mind that it's greasy so be sure you have enough time to wash it out correctly. This egg yolk and olive oil natural loss treatment for women and men is unquestionably worth the mess and time you may have to go through. You will replace the thinning, dry hair with healthy, beautiful hair!

Source: Olive Oil And Egg Yolk For Thinning And Loss Of Hair by sekhfa on Rumble


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