5 Ways to Remove Dark Circles Under Your Eyes Fast

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Dark discoloration of the skin under the eye is largely called dark circles. It's also referred to as dark shadows or rings. Some of the chief causes behind the creation of dark circles are genetics, dry skin, aging, prolonged crying, physical or mental stress, unhealthy diet and lack of sleep. Both women and men of various age groups can have dark circles. Dark circles aren't a severe skin problem, but they make people seem tired, exhausted and older. You can simply remove ugly shadows under your eyes using these easy home remedies.

Here are the top 5 ways to get rid of dark circles fast.

1. Almond Oil

Almond oil is an excellent natural ingredient that's so helpful for the sensitive skin around your eyes. Daily use of almond oil will help fade the under eye circles. Additionally to almond oil, you can apply vitamin E oil to erase dark circles under the eyes.

2. Cucumber

Cucumbers have mild astringent and skin-lightening features that help heal those raccoon eyes naturally. Additionally, they have a refreshing and soothing effect.

3. Raw Potato

There are natural bleaching agents in potato that can aid lighten dark circles and eliminate puffiness around the eyes.

4. Rose Water

Rose water holds amazing ingredients for skin care. It restores the skin and has a soothing effect on tired eyes. Thanks to its mild astringent qualities, it also works as a great skin toner.

5. Tomato

Tomatoes also have bleaching features that can lighten skin to a great extent.


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