Fat-Burning Abs Exercises to Lose Belly Fat Fast

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It's Easy: To show off your abs, you must burn fat. To burn that fat, you should stoke your slow metabolism by building up muscle. Substituting just 1 pound of fat with muscle will push your body to fry up to an extra 50 calories a day. These amazingly straightforward moves work major muscle groups--with a stress on your midsection. without adding bulk.

Do this amazing abs workout 3 times a week. Complete one set of each ab exercise (meant to work essential sections of your body: lower abs, upper abs, lower back, and obliques), then perform the rest of the circuit twice. On other days, make light cardio like walking, swimming, or cycling. Be sure you take one day totally off. Find a weight you are satisfied lifting—not one that tortures your core, but not too easy either.

Are you ready then to learn how you can burn body fat and lose belly fat with these simple abdominal exercises for flat abs in weeks only?

1. Medicine Ball Blast

2. Seated Ab Crunch

3. Saxon Side Bend

4. Back Extension

5. Squat

6. Pulldown

7. Military Press

8. Leg Curl

9. Triceps Pushdown

10. Biceps Curl


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