Best Summer Butt Challenge

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This challenge is meant to tone, tighten, reshape and lift your butt. You might ask yourself: Is it an easy challenge? “No”. Will I be sore? “Possibly”. Is it worth a try? “Certainly”. How much time should I devote each day? “30 minutes or less”.

What you’ll require for this challenge:
  1. Water
  2. Yoga mat
  3. Flat bench
  4. Kitchen chair, or table box about 2′ from the floor
  5. One light set of dumbbells(3-5 lbs) 
  6. An interval timer
  7. Ankle weights (optional)

Below you will find amazing video demonstrations for all the exercises to reshape and lift your butt for the coming summer. It’s quite essential that you watch every video in order to learn the exact form for each exercise.

Let’s get started then!

First of all, you need to start with a stretching workout to prepare for your butt routine.

Butt Stretches

These flexibility exercises do not require any equipment and can be done in the studio or at home. This free flexibility routine works to open the butt, hips, and lower back. It will help to relieve stress, tension, and tight muscles. Performing regular butt and hip stretches can enhance performance in sport and in daily life. This sequence is is perfect after a workout or at the end of a long day. Try it once or a few times through for a great addition to your current exercise program!

Brazilian Booty Burn Workout

Brazilian Booty Burn Workout: Burn to the Beat with Keaira LaShae is a fiery, 10 minute cardio butt workout that uses Brazilian-inspired dance moves to burn fat, firm the booty and sculpt lean muscle throughout the legs, abs, arms, shoulders, chest, thighs, and back for a full body tone-up from head to toe. Fire up your weight loss potential with Fitness and Music Star, Keaira LaShae as you contour those curves to a Brazilian bongo beat with this uplifting booty workout. Fast-paced moves like fast feet, booty rolls, booty pops, hip circles, hip twists, single leg twerks, gallops, booty sweeps, torso sweeps, chest pumps, step outs that are sure to get you the results you are looking fast! Work out with one of the best right from your own living room with this care-free exercise routine that you can take with your anywhere. This workout is great for all fitness levels and requires only a towel and a bottle of water to complete. Join the party to lift, firm, and shape a sexy lower half. From start to finish, it has never been this fun to get into shape.

Prisoner Squats

The Prisoner Squat is a unique variation on the squat movement because it forces you to work on your posture and balance. In this video John Barban and Margherita Di Bari demonstrate how this squat variation can be easy and super effective! When you place your hands behind your head, you will feel increased tension throughout your back, hamstrings and glutes. These three areas are collectively referred to as your Posterior Cord. The Posterior cord is chronically tight on women who don't engage in enough stretching or have a sedentary seated positions at work. Prisoner Squats are a great way to engage the posterior cord without needing equipment!

Circuit Training

30 Min Gym Circuit Workout is an explosive, total-body circuit workout set to some of today's hottest workout music, that employs an effective combination of cardio exercise, weight-training, and plyometric moves to build strength and endurance, burn fat, and engage all of the major muscle groups of the body to ignite weight-loss potential and maximize results.

Side Lunges

Increase flexibility and strength in little-used muscles with side lunges. Learn lunge exercises in this training video.

Walking lunges

Walking lunges take the basic lunge and add a walk, stepping forward one leg at a time. Learn how to do walk lunge exercises in this strength training video.

Side-Lying Leg Lifts

Trying to achieve the coveted "runner's butt"? Try this series of exercises that are designed to strengthen your glutes and shape your derriere. The sixth move is the side-lying leg lift. In addition to working your glutes, this does wonders for your core, as well.

Hip Extensions

Hip extensions is a good exercise for women training. This exercise to train the muscles of the buttocks is easy to perform. Stay in shape and in good health is the main goal of many women, but also firming and toning  the butt is so crucial. All women want a perfect body, following a good diet or nutrition, and training the buttocks muscles you can get good results.

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