5 Easy DIY Body Scrubs For Glowing Skin

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Are you suffering from dull and dried out skin during the winter? Eliminate that top layer of dry winter skin for a bright and radiating skin with these amazing 5 scrumptious DIY Body Scrubs. These salt or sugar scrub recipes are so simple, almost ready enough to eat, and can most possibly be made with ingredients you already have in your kitchen.

For all the recipes, if you don't intend to use all of the prepared scrub immediately, you'll need to store it in a tightly sealed container. Most of these scrubs can last up to 3 months. Also, regularly use a clean spoon to scoop the scrub out of the container to avoid bacteria contamination. Body scrubs are not only a way to reward yourself  (for a renewed, moisturized skin), but also work as an excellent pampering, homemade gifts during the whole year. Just tag or label your scrubs and you are good to go.

1. Pumpkin Pie Sugar & Spice Scrub

While pumpkin products are more noticeable during the fall season, we are still attached to everything pumpkin, so we were delighted to discover this Pumpkin Pie Sugar & Spice Scrub. The ingredients needed to create this amazing scrub are pumpkin spice, brown sugarolive oil, and cinnamon. This scrub is particularly rich in oil, so be extra careful in the shower or bathtub to avoid slipping.

2. Rosemary-Lavender Salt Scrub

We adore the sound and smell of lavender anything, as it's one of the most generally used scents for calming and relaxing the mind. This Rosemary-Lavender Salt Scrub needs only coarse salt, culinary grade lavender, fresh rosemary leaves, and olive oil. Spend 5 minutes of blending the ingredients together and you’ll have the ideal mixture for smoothing your skin and calming your mind.

3. Mornin' Coffee Scrub

If there's something we want to get in the morning, it's a pleasant, hot cup of coffee to start our day off right. But coffee is not only limited to that, it can also make a quite exfoliating scrub for soft and silky skin. To make the Mornin' Coffee Scrub, all you have to get is raw sugar, ground coffee, olive oil, sea salt and coconut oil. The caffeine in the coffee grounds also helps in plumping up your skin to battle cellulite. it came as no surprise that this scrub became part of our daily routine.

4. Citrus Salt Scrub

For a super refreshing experience, try this Citrus Salt Scrub. Instead of coconut or olive oil, this scrub necessitate sweet almond oil mixed with organic sea salt and orange zest and lemon, which will unavoidably leave your senses refreshed and your skin so velvety.

5. Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub

Combine lime with the coconut for this Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub. You will be having amazing visions of a tropical beach paradise when you put this scrub on your body. All you require is melted shredded coconut, white sugar, coconut oil and lime essential oil. Have fun with this one. It's such an amazing way to invigorate your senses during this coming summer.


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